• We have used AK Danum “Carino” Single Lever series in our project “CloverHeights”.
    We at Clover are always on the lookout for new designs and concepts to give to our flat owners and “Carino” with its new design was the right choice in terms of appeal and affordability, for this project. More over, the factory is in Pune and the service aspect is also well taken care of. We will be happy to continue our relationship with AK Danum for our forthcoming projects.

    - Clover Heights

  • We have installed glass shower cubicles from AK Danum and have found them of very good quality. The installation of the same has been very prompt and so has been the after sales service. I would highly recommend to any one who wants to have the same installed.

    - Manish Tejani, Hotel Dreamland, Mahabaleshwar

  • We have been using AK Danum bathroom fittings since the year 2000 for all our housing projects and to our credit all our flat owners are highly satisfied with our choice. AK Danum is known for their quality standard and it is this reason plus their price competitiveness and continuous product innovation which encourages us to approach them again and again for our requirement.

    - Saideep Constructions

  • We have used AK Danum Toughened Glass Shower Enclosures and Bathroom Accessories for all our hotel rooms. We are highly satisfied with the quality of the material and service provided by the company. We will be happy to continue our relationship with AK Danum for our future expansion.

    - Kobad Davierwalla, IL Palazzo Hotel

  • We have known AK Danum since the year 2004. We have been using their products such as toughened glass shower enclosures and partitions, Bath Accessories, mirrors etc regularly for most of our customers. What impressed us is their high degree of professionalism and commitment to consistently deliver quality to the customer. We are also happy with the wide aesthetic choice available with them and their continuous quest to upgrade and innovate their product range.

    - Umesh Mistry, Satish Navetia, Design Cubbe

  • We have used AK Danum bathroom fittings, sanitary ware and Toughened Glass Shower Partition for our hotel projects in Pune in the year 2008. We are satisfied with their products which so far have remained trouble free. We are also happy with their service, timely delivery and business dealing. We will continue working with AK Danum for our future projects

    - Ivy Studios

  • I have initially used used AK Danum bathroom fittings more than 10 years ago for my residence. Since then we have had them as a supplier for various bathroom products in our construction firm. They come across as a company with high quality standards and Customer first approach to business. We wish them all the best and look forward to continuing our business relationship with them.

    - Jaideep Raje, B&R

  • We have recently completed our project “Proflie Elita” at Prabhat Road, Pune which is probably the most premium locale in town. The toughened Glass Shower Partitions, shower drains are of AK Danum make wherein the quality and workmanship standards were in tandem with the standards of the project and at rational prices. We would continue our association with AK Danum for our forthcoming projects.

    - Sharmila Kulkarni, Profile Developments

  • I have been impressed with product range, quality and service provided by AK Danum and have used their products such as Toughened Glass Shower Partitions, Bathroom Accessories, fittings etc for our KOOL HOMES project in Pune and for my other clients. To my mind their ability of providing solutions and constantly new product range are their main strengths. I would not hesitate to recommend AK Danum to my future clients

    - Ar. Kavita Pathak, Kriti Architects

  • We were introduced to AK Danum in the year 2004 and since then have good business relationship with them. AK Danum comes across as a company firmly committed to Quality and a Trustworthy business associate. Their record so far has been impeccable. They initially supplied is only the allied Bathroom Accessories for all our projects. Now along with that more and more items including Toughened glass shower partitions, Fancy Bath Accessories etc are now procured from them. We wish to put on record our satisfaction for not only the quality of material but their competitiveness and high business ethics.

    - Lunkad Realty

  • We have been associated with AK Danum since 1995. Since then we have been using their products ie bathroom fittings, toughened glass shower enclosures etc for most of our housing projects. We are happy with the standard of quality consistently maintained by them, their competitiveness and their adherence to delivery commitments. We have no hesitation in continuing our association with AK Danum for our future projects

    - Naiknavare Developers

  • AK Danum initially approached us in the year 2006 and since then have been our supplier for various bathroom items including fittings, sanitary wares and glass shower partition. We are happy with the quality standard maintained by them and their level of commitment to us as the customer. AK Danum will continue to be our preferred choice for these items for our forthcoming projects.

    - OM Developers

  • We were introduced to AK Danum bathroom fittings in the year 2000 and since then we have used them in all our projects. We put on record our satisfaction for the quality of the fittings and the level of commitment to quality and service of the company


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